Microsoft Language Portal goes Public

Microsoft recently made their language portal, previously only for internal use at Microsoft, available online for public use. Click here to see it.

The language portal allows you to search Microsoft localization glossaries and terminology database in over 70 languages, download style guides, provide feedback on terminology used in Microsoft products and get links to other additional Microsoft language resources. You can also participate in terminology forms and collaborate with language professionals.


terminology search in MS Language portal

Terminology search in MS Language portal

The term search function is easy to use, you just enter a term and select a language. Response time is slow: the query for translation of window into German took more than 10 seconds. But the wait is worthwhile. The results window displays dictionary definitions for all related terms. It provides the translation individually for each of the the Microsoft products (e.g. .NET, MS Excel). The window also provides advanced search options, and allows you to search for terminology translations per Microsoft product and for translations from ‘any’ to ‘any’ language.

The Style Guide download function proved to be buggy but I managed a workaround. It is easy to download each of the more than 70 Style Guides per language, but opening them can be problematic due to security issues (which is weird since MS Windows XP does not allow you to open a CHM file that MS itself created). The workarounds mentioned on the Language portal did not work, but I solved the problem by opening the CHM file using Internet Explorer and THEN using the workaround suggested by MS.


Microsoft Localization Style Guides per Language

Microsoft Localization Style Guides per Language

The style guides are provided in MS HTML Help (CHM) format. The information is provided clearly and in abundance.

The release of the Language portal is great news to translators and localization professionals/companies. The wealth of resources here is incredible.

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