Will IBM power Speech-to-Speech Translation on iPhone?

One of last week’s biggest news items in the tech world was Google’s plan to work on speech-to-speech translation for Android. This item was covered by hundreds of newspapers as well as by all the major blogs. The story was retweeted thousands of times on Twitter.

speech-to-speech translator

Apple’s reaction to this news? Silence. Which is a bit strange since Apple could lose its leadership in the cellphone market with such a technological breakthrough by Google. Could Apple be hiding something up its sleeve? Could Apple roll out a speech-to-speech translator for iPhone sooner than Google, who projected that the product will be ready in two years? The answer is YES, if IBM helps them get there.

In fact, the more you think about it the more this makes sense. IBM can provide Apple with the technology to power its smartphone with speech-to-speech translation. Will Apple and IBM collaborate? Why not. Here are some facts that lend credence to this possibility. Continue reading