At a crossroads, Transperfect seeks growth in new areas

Transperfect is one of the largest translation companies in the world. Founded and managed by two business students in an NYU dorm room, Transperfect and its sister company have grown into a large corporation with dozens of worldwide offices, hundreds of employees and over $200 Million in annual sales.

How did they get so big? For the most part, they did it by buying other translation companies. M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) is such a big part of Transperfect that they even have an in-house M&A department led by Thomas Pennell.

I have heard numerous people at Transperfect boast that yearly growth at the company has been in the range of 30%. 30 percent! That is quite impressive, especially when sustained over a period of a few years. One has to ask, how will Transperfect be able to sustain that growth rate? The answer: they won’t, unless they foray into new areas. They already control most of the traditional translation markets such as legal, medical and financial translation. They are also huge in the website localization market and maintain the multilingual websites of many of the dominant Fortune 500 (USA) companies. It would appear that growth in these areas is saturated for Transperfect. Continue reading