Google presents new solution for machine translation of website templates

Google recently published a blog post about a new technique for websites that use machine translation for templates but not for the page content. Read it here.

In a recent GTS blog post, I wrote that Google is discouraging people from using Google Translate to create new language versions of a website for SEO purposes. Google even went as far as hinting that it would ban sites that made extensive use of raw, unedited MT.

Some people are using Google Translate (and other MT applications) to translate their website template into other languages while leaving the content untouched. In this manner, the keywords, footer links and other items important to SEO are translated into other languages, promoting the website in other countries. But this practice brings about another problem: duplicate content. Google and other search engines don’t like duplicate content and tend to demote such website pages in the SERP rankings. Now, it appears that Google has proposed a solution to this problem, allowing webmasters to use MT for localization of templates without downgrading the ranking of the localized website pages.