Taking it to the streets: announcing the GTS Translation plugin

GTS has released a free WordPress plugin for multilingual blog publishing: the GTS Translation plugin. If you have a WordPress blog, you can download and install the plugin from within your WordPress Admin panel. More about the GTS Translation plugin from the WordPress website.


Since the late 1990s, blogging has become one of the most widely used forms of online communication. There are over 100 Million blogs as of 2010, and the number is growing rapidly due to the rising popularity of social networking and blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger.

99% of blog content is not being translated into other languages. Unlike corporate websites, which are translated into other languages for business purposes, most bloggers lack the resources to translate their content. Moreover, blogs are much more dynamic than websites; many blogs are updated daily or even several times a day. Maintaining an active blog in multiple languages provides several technical and administrative challenges.

What’s so special about our solution?

There are dozens of plugins available for all of the popular blogging platforms.  Nearly all of the solutions use Google Translate. So what’s special about our plugin? Well a few things:

Human translation. Nearly all of the plugins available on the market provide raw machine translation. And while the quality of machine translation is improving steadily, it is still not considered to be of sufficient quality for publishing purposes. The GTS Translation plugin is one of the only plugins on the market that allows post-editing of the translated content by a translation community (crowdsourcing). So you will not need to publish translated content before it is reviewed by qualified linguists. Note: the GTS Translation plugin currently supports English to FIGS (French, Italian, German and Spanish).

SEO-optimized content. Nearly all of the plugins available on the market provide on-the-fly translations which are not cached anywhere. As a result, the translated blog content is not indexed by the search engines which means that the blog translations are not coming up on search engine results (SERP). The GTS plugin, on the other hand, stores the translated content on your own host where it will be indexed by search engines. International visitors will come to your blog, increasing traffic and provided you with new audiences for your blog content.

Uses private translation server. Unlike most of the other plugins that use Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and other public APIs, we own and operate our own machine translation server which can be customized to the individual language requirements of your blog. And you are not at the whim of a third-party operator who is subject to possible changes to Google’s ToS (Terms of Service) which may make Google Translate a paid service in the future.

Seamless publishing. Once you install our plugin you will not need to worry at all about publishing your blog posts in other languages. The entire process is automatic and the translated content is stored on your own server in your WordPress database. And the plugin translates the pages that WordPress generates automatically like the categories, tags and archives pages.

Your translation community

The GTS Translation plugin enables you to set up your own translation community of linguists who post-edit the translated blog content. If you are bilingual, you can do the post-editing yourself. If you have associates in various countries who are qualified linguists, you can utilize their skills to do the post-editing. Or, you can use the GTS community. Members of the translation community will use the GTS online editing system which makes it easy to post-edit blog content.

The GTS online editing system

The online editing system provides two user levels:

Editors–are users that are allowed to post-edit machine translated content.

Moderators–are users that can post-edit machine translated content, approve and publish translated blog posts, and assign/terminate editor accounts.

During and after the installation process, you can assign as many editors and moderators as you wish to do the post-edit work. Editors and moderators are assigned per language.

The GTS online editor displays blog pages in a side-by-side format, with both the original page and translation displayed in the same window. To edit text, click on any sentence on either side of the window. A popup is displayed showing the original sentence and its translation. After editing the text, click Submit (or Next/Previous) to save the text edit operation.

At any time during the editing process, the user can click Save to save their work and return to the page at a later time. Once the editor completes the post-edit work, she/he clicks Save and Check In and the post becomes available to a moderator who can review and publish the edited blog post.

The editing process is managed through automated emails that are sent to editors and moderators as content becomes available at each step of the process and as new blogs posts are published.


When you install the GTS Translation plugin, the home page of your blog, all of the posts on the home page and the main pages of your blogs (About, Contact, etc.) are translated into the selected languages. The translations are temporarily hosted on our secure server until they are approved for publishing by authorized linguists. Once a blog post is approved by a moderator, it is published on your own WordPress blog host. Each time a new blog post is published, it is automatically translated into all selected languages; email messages are automatically sent to all editors assigned to your blog. Once the blog post is edited, an email is sent to a moderator who can approve and publish the post.

System Security

Please click here to read about system security.


Please click here to read the GTS Translation plugin Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you

Thanks for reading about the GTS Translation plugin. If you are a blogger and would like more information, please email us at info@gts-translation.com.

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