New tool brings the crowd to terminology translation and management

Last September I wrote about how open source translation software is enabling software companies to crowdsource their translations. Now, a new product by CSOFT International called TermWiki supports collaborative translation of terminology to enable a secure platform for sharing, editing and translating terms as well as developing personal glossaries online.

TermWiki comes with a set of useful features that apply to professional translators, online translation communities and localization professionals. Those of you who have experience with more traditional terminology management systems (like Trados Multiterm, Interverbum TermWeb and Star Webterm) will be happy to see that TermWiki relies on a more graphical, intuitive interface with a range of multilingual data available in just a few clicks. As a wiki-based system, TermWiki is similar in many respects to Wikipedia.

Beyond a user-friendly GUI, TermWiki’s features also include:

  • straightforward “add term” forms with pick lists to ensure consistent data
  • highly customizable search filters
  • structured data, categorized by industry/domain, products, companies, etc.
  • complete revision history tracking
  • automatic change notifications (for tracking your terms)
  • MT-powered batch entry modules
  • glossary import/export in Excel, XML, and MultiTerm formats
  • complete multimedia support (images, sound bites, videos, etc.)
  • TermWiki Toolbar

    The tool comes with a TermWiki Toolbar, which enables you to look up terms and translations regardless of where you are on the web. CSOFT is also planning to release in the near future a Personal Glossary module which will allow users to develop and maintain their own glossaries separate from the master termbase.

    TermWiki registration is free. Translators who contribute to the site have a dedicated link and translation ranking on each term they translate, gaining them valuable visibility in potentially niche industries. Given that the site also posts translation jobs in the Hot Jobs forum, translators can use TermWiki to both advertise their skills and find more work.

    For organizations looking to manage their terms in-house, CSOFT has also developed a private version of the software, TermWiki Pro. The professional version retains all of TermWiki’s collaborative features, including discussion pages, openly editable data, suggestion functions, etc., and is further bolstered by definable workflow modules, granular user permissions, customizable notifications, and PM tracking. In TermWiki Pro, collaborators can include (but are not limited to) any of the following: multiple internal functional groups, from marketing to engineering; external translation vendors or consultants; and even end-users and customers. Much like in the community version at, TermWiki Pro enforces the categorization of terms, and allows multimedia contextualization. This allows for consistent, scalable termbases that can be quickly leveraged to create new glossaries when entering new markets.

    TermWiki Add Term window

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