iQuit. Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

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Steve Jobs is a genius. He started Apple Computers in a garage and turned it into the largest public company in America. He proved that nothing can stop a man with a vision and a dream. I remember when John Scully pushed out Steve and proceeded to run Apple into the ground. Only when Steve came back did the company rebound. Which leads me to believe that Apple is a one-man show. A giant company, but a one-man show nonetheless. That’s why I believe that Apple’s future without Steve is bleak. Steve’s shoes are too big to fill.

I started using a Mac in 1986. It was called a Fat Mac and I used to take it home on weekends for work. Reflecting on that, what work could I have been doing? There was no Internet back then, email was scarce. All I would do was write documents and work on spreadsheets. Still, the fact that I could take a computer home made me feel very powerful, like I had the world in my hands. I get the same feeling today when I whip out my iPhone which has a million times more computing strength than my Fat Mac ever did. I have no doubt that Steve would have kept cranking out bigger and better products but the man upstairs decided to throw a wrench in his plans.

I bought a whole bunch of Apple computers over the years and loved every one of them! My only regret was not having purchased AAPL shares instead of all of those computers. I saw a website that shows how much those Apple shares would be worth today.

I wish Steve a speedy recovery and I hope that he returns to Apple soon so he can do what he does best. Thanks for everything Steve!

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