Death of a Genius: RIP Steve Jobs


Nobody was surprised by the announcement of Steve Job’s passing. Most people probably expected it. But just like the death of a 100 year old parent, it still hurts no matter what. A void was created. The man who boggled our minds with incredible products, who changed entire industries, is gone.

What does Jobs death mean to us? It’s hard to say. I predicted in a blog post last August that Apple will suffer without the visionary leadership of Steve. Earlier this week, the press widely criticized Apple and current Apple CEO Tim Cook for failing to announce the anticipated iPhone 5. Would this have happened during Steve Job’s tenure? Hard to believe. Steve was famous for under-promising and over-delivering. His famous Colombo style ‘one more thing’ was a precursor to some amazing new feature that nobody would even dream of. This time, if appears, Apple over-promised (by suggesting that the new iPhone 5 is ready to go) and under-delivered (by failing to release it).

What did Jobs life mean to us? I can think of a many things. Steve was a role model to many by proving that you can realize your potential, dare to have huge dreams, fulfill them, shape the world through your aspirations, fight adversity, and enjoy life to the maximum even when life may not appear to be worth living. And that’s besides the great products he gave us: the Mac, iPod, iPad, iTunes, iPhone, ieverything. An American icon, that’s what he was. A human icon. Steve’s life ended but his legacy continues.

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