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Advertising Translation Services

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Advertising Translation Services
We will make your creative advertising campaign suitable for any target country.

GTS provides advertising translation services to a wide range of clients, in a wide range of industries.

Reaching out to international clients can be challenging: there is the matter of language but also numerous cultural issues to consider. Your advertising material needs to have a local flavor if you want your overseas customers to buy from you.

We work with leading advertising agencies and international corporations. We translate marketing and advertising material for customers in retail, cosmetic and fashion industry, tech sector, medical and pharmaceutical companies, consumer electronics, sports and nearly all other markets. We provide professional advertising translations in hundreds of language combinations. With certified translators in over 100 countries, we help you get your message out to your global customers in their own language-in every area in which you are doing business.

Language translation services for marketing and advertising

GTS Translation excels in marketing and advertising translations, ensuring your brand’s message resonates globally with accuracy, cultural relevance, and compelling language tailored to your target audience. This includes:

  • Revamp Your Website with GTS Translation’s Localization Services: Transform your website with our expert localization, tailoring it to fit new linguistic and cultural landscapes. Perfect for e-commerce and businesses thriving online!
  • Elevate Your Documents: Turn your product descriptions, brochures, catalogs, and marketing materials into multilingual masterpieces with our document translation services.
  • Multimedia Gets Multilingual: Bring your videos and audio materials to a global audience with our subtitle, voice-over, and podcast translation offerings.
  • Creative Genius with Transcreation: We don’t just translate; we creatively adapt your advertising copy and content, ensuring it resonates with your new audience.
  • SEO Localization for Global Reach: Let’s optimize your content with translated keywords and tailored SEO strategies, boosting your visibility across languages and regions.
  • Precision in Proofreading and Editing: Trust us to refine your translated materials, ensuring utmost quality and accuracy.
  • Cultural Consulting for Targeted Impact: Navigate new markets with ease, as our cultural consultants guide you in adapting your marketing materials for maximum relevance and appeal.

Translating a wide range of advertising materials

The type of advertising materials we translate include:

  1. Ad Copy for Print and Electronic Publications: We expertly translate advertising content for magazines, newspapers, and online platforms, ensuring your message is effectively communicated in any format.
  2. Company Websites: Our team specializes in translating website content, making your digital presence accessible and engaging to a global audience while maintaining brand consistency and tone.
  3. Marketing Brochures: We provide precise and culturally relevant translations of marketing brochures, helping you to connect with customers in their native language and effectively showcase your products and services.
  4. Newsletters: Our translations of newsletters help you keep in touch with your international clients, delivering your news and updates in a way that resonates with them culturally and linguistically.
  5. Email Campaigns: We translate email marketing materials, ensuring your promotional messages and calls to action are clear and persuasive in any language, boosting engagement and conversion rates.
  6. Advertising Campaigns for Google Adwords: Specializing in the translation of Google Adwords campaigns, we help you reach a wider audience with keywords and ad copy that are optimized for different languages and regions.
  7. CPC Marketing Translations: Our team ensures that your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) marketing content is accurately translated, enhancing the effectiveness of your online advertising efforts in different linguistic markets.

It’s all about selling. When you choose GTS as your advertising translation agency, we will undertake the necessary research to match the writing style and terminology to fit your target audience. We will deliver effective translated advertising copy that will drive your sales efforts to success.

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