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GTS provides a complete solution for software translation services and localization (L10N) of software products

In today’s globalized world, software has become an essential component of many businesses. Today, many if not most companies engage in software development of some kind.

With the increasing demand for software applications, the need for software translation services has also increased. Software translation services are designed to help businesses translate their software applications into multiple languages, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Take Your Software Global with Our Translation Services

One of the leading providers of software translation services is GTS Translation Services. GTS has been providing translation services for 20 years, and has developed expertise in translating software applications into over 100 languages. The company’s team of professional translators and software engineers work together to ensure that the translated software applications are not only accurate, but also function correctly in the target language. GTS provides software translation services for software companies, medical device companies, electronics manufacturers, financial institutions, automotive companies and across all industries.

Why use GTS for Software Translation Services?

One of the advantages of using GTS Translation Services for software translation is their experience with a variety of software applications. The company has experience with translating mobile apps, desktop applications, web applications, and more. This breadth of experience ensures that the company can provide high-quality translations for any type of software application.

GTS Translation Services also uses advanced translation software to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the translation process. This software is designed to analyze the source code of the software application and identify any text that needs to be translated. This helps to ensure that all text within the software application is translated, even text that might be missed by a human translator.

Another advantage of using GTS Translation Services is our commitment to quality. The company has a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure that all translations are accurate and free of errors. This process includes multiple rounds of editing and proofreading by experienced translators and software engineers.

Expert Software Translation: Be Global, Feel Local

Overall, software translation services provided by GTS Translation Services are an essential tool for businesses looking to expand their software applications to a global audience. With their experience, advanced technology, and commitment to quality, GTS is a top choice for businesses looking to translate their software applications into multiple languages.

Revolutionize Your Software with Expert Translation Services

Some of the world’s leading tech and software companies have chosen to work with GTS. This includes Siemens, SAP, Xerox, Hitachi, Tesla, Microsoft, Honeywell and others.

GTS offers comprehensive software localization services for all kinds of software products. This includes:

  • Localization of the software User Interface (UI), resource files
  • Translation of software documentation, User Manuals, User’s Guides
  • Translation of online help
  • Translation of websites, web pages and web portals
  • Localization of iPhone apps, apps for smart phones and tablets
  • Translation of XML, HTML and database files

Our software translations are backed by a stringent quality policy. We have expert software translators in over 100 countries. Many of them are certified by internationally accredited organizations. All of our software localization personnel use professional translation software and CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools.

Supporting translation of all software resource files

Software resource files are used to store information that can be used or modified without changing the source code of the software. GTS translates and localizes software products in all file types. Here are some of the software resource files that we support:

Property files: These are simple text files used to store resources, especially in Java environments, in a key-value pair format. They’re used for storing information like configuration settings, and for internationalization and localization.

XML files: Extensible Markup Language (XML) files are used extensively for data storage in a structured format. They are used for configuration files, data-interchange, web development and content, among other uses.

JSON files: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files are used to store simple data structures and objects in a format that can be easily read and written by humans, and easily parsed and generated by machines.

.resx files: This is a specific type of resource file used in Microsoft’s .NET framework for storing strings and other resources that are localized.

.properties files: In Android development, these files are used to keep track of settings for the Android SDK.

.strings files: These are used in iOS development for storing string-based resources for localization.

.rc files: Resource Script (rc) files are used in Windows development to define resources such as icons, fonts, menus, dialog boxes, and version statements.

.plist files: Property list files (used in iOS and macOS development) are used to store serialized objects like numbers, strings, Boolean values, arrays, and more.

YAML files: YAML, a human-readable data serialization language, is often used for configuration files and in applications where data is being stored or transmitted.

INI files: INI files are simple text files with a basic structure composed of sections, properties, and values, used for configuration settings in some platforms.

PO files: PO files, or Portable Object files, are a type of resource file used in the process of translating software into different languages. They are part of the GNU gettext system for internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) of software.

Linguistic Testing of software products and websites

After we localize your software product, our team tests your product before its release. Software localization is not just translation of text strings. The software must be culturally tailored and appear native to the target audience. Our QA team performs linguistic testing of your product to ensure that all of the text fits on the various screens and that your users will be able to navigate smoothly in your software products.