Marketing Translation Services
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Marketing Translation Services

Marketing Translation Services
GTS will help you publish your marketing materials quickly and efficiently in all languages.

Are you a marketing communications manager? Do you eat, breathe and sleep Marcom? If the answer is yes, then keep reading because this may interest you. GTS is a marketing translation company which offers a full range of translation solutions to corporate Marcom departments. This includes translation of marketing brochures, ad copy, catalogs, newsletters, website content, emails and subtitling/voice-overs of video presentations and films.

We provide fast translation services of marketing materials in over 80 languages and in hundreds of language combinations. With certified translators in over 100 countries, we help you get your message out to your international customers in their own language-in every locality in which you are doing business.

Publish your marketing materials in different languages

In today's fast-paced global marketplace, more and more Marcom is being delivered online electronically. But companies are still printing marketing brochures and catalogs for distribution by postal mail and in trade shows and conferences. GTS can help you translate all of your print and electronic Marcom in any format. Our DTP department supports all of the publishing software applications including translation of Adobe InDesign files. Typically, you will upload your hi-res graphics to our secure FTP area. Fully localized materials will be delivered in native and hi-res PDF file format which is suitable for printing, publishing and distribution.

Cultural adaptation of Marcom

Adaptation of your marketing communications materials for the use of your international customers is not just a matter of translating words into another language. The message and vision you want to project needs to be adapted for your target audience. A good marketing translator will do much more than translate your text. A good translation marketing agency will culturally adapt your materials so that they will not only read well in the target language, but will have all the right local flavors and nuances. That is why you should choose GTS for your marketing translation needs.