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GTS WordPress Plugin

GTS WordPress Plugin

WordPress is the leading open-source CMS (content management system) for creating and maintaining websites and blogs. Over 70 million websites and blogs use WordPress, and it is used by some of the world’s most popular content publishers.

If you have a WordPress website or blog, you can use the GTS Translation plugin for free website translation. Over 1,000 websites and blogs are using the GTS Translation plugin to publish their content in over 30 languages.

The GTS plugin provides human quality translation by allowing you to combine automatic translation and human post-editing (crowdsourcing). Your blog content is initially translated by our translation server. The content is then post-edited by human translators through our online editing system. You can use the GTS community of translators, or you can assign the post-editing to your own community of translators to maintain complete control of the process.

(Here are some translation post-editing guidelines which you help make your post-editing more effective).

When you use the GTS Translation plugin, translated content is cached in your WordPress database and indexed by search engines. This will increase the traffic to your website and grow your international readership.

Click here to download the GTS Translation plugin.


  • Guaranteed to increase your traffic by at least 30% after 2 months; some customers have seen over 100% increase in traffic
  • Supports over 30 languages
  • Uses private, secure translation server
  • Publish translated content immediately or following review
  • Crowdsourcing: create your own community of translators or use our community
  • SEO: translates Permalink URL names and meta tags
  • Custom online, side-by-side editor makes post-editing easy
  • Translated posts can be retweeted

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Amazon Solution Provider

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max hasson
max hasson
18:10 10 Dec 16
Rapid quote and quick turn around. Fully satisfied with the results.
Gina Davis
Gina Davis
19:28 10 Aug 16
Loved the service and turnaround time with this company. They quickly got to know our needs (specifically for a back translation and validated translation for a research project with two languages), and though we inundated them with several additional requests through the project, all was handled professionally and with ease. Highly recommend.
John-Paul McMahon
John-Paul McMahon
15:01 17 Nov 16
A fantastic service and great staff. I am very pleased. They were the best translators that I have worked with.
Mark McKinnon
Mark McKinnon
18:44 07 Dec 16
Quick, efficient translation service who took my requirements and context into account. Would recommend.
Carlos Maza
Carlos Maza
11:35 23 Oct 16
Great customer service and fulfillment of agreed timelines. Very personal service. Would highly recommend them!
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