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GTS is your best partner for medical translation services. We have a proven track record of success that spans 20 years and thousands of medical translations delivered. Our prices are very competitive, starting at $0.09 per English word for certified medical translation. Get an instant online quote on our website now and start your medical translation project today.

Professional Medical Translators

We made it easy for you to order translation services medical online. Just click here to get an instant price quote online and start your medical translation project now.

Industry-Leading Medical Document Translation Solutions

We translate medical documents with precision and care. That’s why some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, University medical centers, medical device manufacturers and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) work with us. They know that GTS is the best medical translation company for their needs. When you order from GTS, your medical translations are delivered on time, within budget and in full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. All translations are certified and delivered with a translation certificate of accuracy.

Why Choose Our Medical Translation Services?

GTS consistently turns in high quality medical translations, on time and at very competitive prices. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of medical translation. When you turn to GTS, you are guaranteed the best medical translation quality humanly possible.

How Much Does Medical Document Translation Services Cost?

At GTS, medical document translation ranges from $0.09 per source language word to $0.25 per source language word, depending on the language pair.

GTS is a Top Medical Translation Provider

Best Medical Translation Provider

B2B rating company Goodfirms listed GTS Translation as one of the top medical translation service providers.

Fast, Reliable & Accurate Medical Translation Services for 2024 and beyond

GTS delivers the best medical translation services. We translate medical documents in over 80 languages. This includes all the major European, Asian, Scandinavian and Middle-Eastern languages including FrenchItalian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic. We specialize in multiple language projects, sometimes translating a publication into 8, 10 or even 20 languages.

Translating Medical Texts: Our Experts at Your Service

You can trust us with your medical translation needs as we:

  • Offer Professional Medical Translation in 100+ Languages
  • Employ SME Medical Translators Worldwide in 100+ Countries
  • Provide High-Quality Translation by Doctors and Nurses
  • Deliver Expert Translation Services in All Medical Fields
  • Assure Precision in Medical Language Translation Services

Experience the quality and expertise of our medical translation services. With our global team of professionals, we ensure top-notch translation in a wide range of medical fields. Whether it’s clinical research, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare services, or patient documentation, our team is ready to assist you with your unique needs. Let’s work together to ensure accurate and effective communication in the global healthcare community.

Certified Medical Translation Services

Certified Translation ServicesOur quality management system has been audited and found to be in full compliance with the ISO 17100:2015 standard. We provide a translation certificate of accuracy with every medical translation. We can also provide back translation and validation if the IRB/ethics committee requires official translations. All of our medical translators are certified by internationally accredited translation organizations.

HIPAA Compliance

As a certified medical translations service provider, GTS complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect the confidentiality of all protected health information (PHI) in the documents which we translate.

Price Discounts for online medical translation services

Use GTS coupon codes to get a discount for medical translation services. New customers get a 5% discount on their first order. Click here for more information on translation price discounts.

Expertise in Medical Translations: Ensuring Quality

Customers in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare industries have come to rely on our team of subject-matter experts for even the most complex medical translation services. Our human resources include linguists with training in most branches of medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology. We are an approved translation vendor to the Canadian Pharmacists Association. If you are looking for a reliable medical translation agency, contact GTS.

medical translation services
GTS is a leading provider of professional medical translation services for over 20 years

We provide quality medical translation of:

If you require us to sign a confidentiality agreement before submitting your documents, we will sign an NDA in advance of any submissions.

What is a translation certificate of accuracy?

A certificate of accuracy is a signed statement that attests to the accuracy of the translation. The translation certificate of accuracy will typically be printed on a company letterhead and will be signed by the Quality manager of the translation company.

Why is a certificate of translation accuracy required?

When a translation is required for official purposes, like in a clinical trial study or for submission to a federal agency, proof must be made that the translation was done professionally and accurately. The translation accuracy certificate represents that proof. Typically, the translation certificate of accuracy will be attached to the translation, together with the translation company’s quality certificate (e.g., ISO 17100:2015 certificate).

Translation Services Medical Case Studies

Here are some recent medical translation projects:

Some of our customers have stated that we are the best translation agency for their needs. Click here to read some client testimonials. If you need rush service, contact us for fast delivery of your medical documents.

Clinical Validation of Medical Documents

If required by regulatory authorities, we can have your translated medical documents validated by Medical Doctors who are licensed in the target countries. Some of our medical translators have advanced training in medicine, and some are indeed Medical Doctors themselves.

Maintenance of Medical Documents

Some medical documents are updated frequently, several times a year in some cases. This is especially true of medical device manuals, IFUs and clinical trial documents like Informed Consents and clinical protocols. In order to provide fast turnaround and cost-effective translation of updates, we maintain translation memories for all translated documents. Using translation memories allows us to determine exactly what has changed since the last version was published, and only translate the new material and the changes.

Experience Premium Quality Medical Translation Services

Many of our clients have been working with GTS for over 10 years. We strive to deliver consistently superior medical translation services for healthcare professionals. That is the secret of our success in the industry.

Can you use Google Translate for medical translation?

Google Translate, along with other machine translation programs such as DeepL and Microsoft, have become considerably better in recent years. However, it is not recommended that you use such tools for medical translation. Any more than you would use Google to replace your medical doctor. When dealing with life-and-death matter, even a slight error can have dire consequences. Additionally, many organizations which you are submitting the medical translation to, like hospitals and IRBs, will require a signed translation certificate. This cannot be provided by Google.

Medical Translation Services FAQ

What is Medical Translation? Medical translation refers to the process of translating medical texts and documents into another language. Medical texts are intended for physicians, hospital staff, nurses and patients. Poorly translated medical texts may carry dire and even life-and-death consequences.  Medical translations must be carried out by certified medical translators who have training in the appropriate medical field.

Why is accuracy so important in medical translation? Given that the information contained in medical documents can directly impact patient care and treatment, it’s crucial that the translations are absolutely accurate. Errors in medical translation can lead to misunderstandings, incorrect treatments, and legal implications.

Who typically requires medical translation services? Medical translation services are typically required by healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, research institutions, healthcare insurance providers, and patients who need their medical records translated.

Do you employ native speakers for translations? Yes, we employ native speakers who are also subject matter experts in the field of medicine related to your project. This ensures the highest level of accuracy and cultural appropriateness in translations.

How do you ensure the quality and accuracy of your medical translations? The first step in ensuring quality and accuracy is to use experience technical translators who are experts in the relevant subject matter. Some of our translators are also medical professionals like doctors and nurses. After the translation is done, it is reviewed by a second medical translator in a process which is referred to as the four-eye principle.

What languages do you translate? We offer translation services in over 100 languages, employing medical translators in over 100 countries around the globe.

How do you handle sensitive medical information? We adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy policies to ensure that all your sensitive medical information is handled with the utmost security. All our staff are trained in handling sensitive information and are bound by confidentiality agreements. We will sign an NDA if required.

Can medical translation services translate patient records or personal medical documents? Yes. We regularly translate medical reports and other personal medical documents. This can be done for clinical research purposes or when requiring hospitalization, consultation and for insurance purposes. We strictly adhere to the privacy rules outlined in the HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

What types of documents can you translate? We translate a wide range of medical documents including patient records, clinical trial reports, medical journals, pharmaceutical manuals, medical device instructions, healthcare apps, and much more.

How fast can you complete a medical translation project? The turnaround time depends on the complexity and length of the document. However, we strive to deliver even the most complex projects in a timely manner without compromising accuracy or quality. We can deliver 10,000 words a day or more per language.

Can you handle large-scale medical translation projects? Yes, with our global team of translators, we can efficiently handle large-scale projects across multiple languages and medical disciplines. 

What types of documents do medical translators work on? Typical documents that medical translators work on include informed consent forms, clinical protocols and study agreements, CRF, patient records, medical reports, Information for Use (IFU), drug inserts and labelling.

What kinds of software or tools are used in medical translation? The software tools that medical translators use in the translation process are no different than those used in other types of translation. At GTS, our medical translators will use a CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tool which produces a translation memory. The translation memory enables translators to leverage legacy translations in order to save time and costs. The CAT tool can also support a terminology-based which is used to maintain consistency and accuracy in translation of medical terms.

Are there special certifications or qualifications for medical translators?  There are a wide range of certifications for medical translators. One of the most well-known certifications is from the American Translators Association (ATA). GTS is a member of the ATA. Furthermore, our quality system is certified as compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard.

What kinds of software or tools are used in medical translation? The software tools that medical translators use in the translation process are no different than those used in other types of translation. At GTS, our medical translators will use a CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tool which produces a translation memory. The translation memory enables translators to leverage legacy translations in order to save time and costs. The CAT tool can also support a terminology-based which is used to maintain consistency and accuracy in translation of medical terms.

Can the translation be certified for official use? Yes. At GTS we provide a signed statement of accuracy certificate with each translation.

How do medical translation services deal with different medical systems and terminologies from different countries? At GTS, we will adapt your medical translation to the target country, taking into account all cultural and regulatory issues that require adjustment. Medical terms and acronyms are researched carefully to ensure correct usage in each country.

How does machine translation factor into the medical translation process? At GTS we do not use machine translation in our medical translation workflow. Our process is entirely human based.

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