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Business Translation Services

GTS provides a wide range of business translation services for companies that do business internationally. This includes professional document translation of any type of business document, website translation, localization of software products, voice-overs/subtitling of company videos, translation of corporate communications and other certified translation services. Some of the world’s leading companies have chosen GTS for their¬†business and document translation needs. Click here to get an online price quote for translation services.

The translation industry is one of today’s fastest growing business-to-business (B2B) market segments. International companies know that language services play a key role in global expansion. In today’s global marketplace, every business has to make its web site available in every country where it has a market. The boom in the sales of smart phones and tablets is also driving the demand for language translation services, as software developers realize that they need to localize their apps to different languages to increase market share. More and more corporate information which is delivered electronically, like blogs and newsletters, is being translated.

With translators in over 100 countries and support of hundreds of language combinations, GTS is an ideal partner for your business translation needs.