GTS Translation Return Policy | Returning translation orders to GTS

Return Policy

Return Policy Satisfaction Guaranteed

GTS guarantees the quality of translation services. In the unlikely event that an error or errors are detected by the customer after the translation is delivered, we will correct the errors at no charge. Customers can report errors in writing by email to the project manager responsible for the account. This warranty is not limited by time.

Human translation is a process which is done by human translators and as such is subject to stylistic and personal preferences. Once a purchase has been made, electronic files can not be returned after delivery. Quality complaints will not serve as a reason to cancel payment.

Project Cancellation

The customer has the right to cancel a project after it is ordered as long as the work has not begun. Should the customer cancel a project which is in progress, they will be charged for the portion of the work which has been completed. In case of Paypal payment, a processing charge will be applied on order cancellations (typically the fee is 5% of the order).