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GTS Translation has a proven track record in delivering accurate, high quality French translation services. Our prices for French translation are very affordable and competitive.

GTS is ranked as a top German translation service in 2024 by B2B research company Clutch.

How much does professional French translation cost?

At GTS, the price for professional English to French translation services is US$0.14 per English word. The price for professional French to English translation services is US$0.14 per French word. .

Your Best Option for French Translation in 2024

English French TranslationGTS delivers top quality, professional English French language translation services using a tested team of native French translators. We are the best English to French translation provider in the industry. We have proven experience in delivering high quality professional French language translation. Some of the world’s largest companies have chosen GTS as their French translation company. Clients include: Hitachi, Siemens, Sunoco, Electrolux, Mitsubishi Motors, Bank of Hawaii, Mapfre Asistencia, Max Mara USA, Deloitte and BASF.

We translate documents from French to English, from English to French and between French and over 60 other languages. We also provide French Canadian translation services when your target country is Canada.

Best French Translation services
GTS excels in fast delivery of top quality European French translation services. Get on online quote now!

Quick French Translation Solutions

Our French translation service delivers accurate, professional translations with swift turnaround times. Trust us for all your urgent French language needs.

Navigate Global Business: Expert French Document Translation

We translate French documents in any file format including PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Adobe InDesign and Framemaker. For excellent quality in translation services English to French, and French to English look no further than GTS.

Experience Counts: Industry-Leading Expertise in French Translations

Our French translation agency translators are meticulously screened to determine their industry experience. We translate English to French and French to English text in all areas. This includes technical, medical, legal, patents, software, engineering, financial. We provide localization of software products and translation of websites in French.

Certified French Translators

GTS is a certified French translation company. Our Quality Management System is audited annually by a licensed certification body and is compliant with the ISO 17100:2015  standard. GTS provides certified French translation services for medical, technical and legal documents.

Affordable French translation solutions

Our prices are very competitive and start at $0.14 per word. All of our translations are reviewed using the four-eye principle. And we provide a signed translation certificate with every translation.

translate English to FrenchAbout French Translation

French is one of the official languages of the United Nations, and most UN documents are issued in French. Speeches made by UN delegates are simultaneously interpreted into French. French is also one of the official languages of the European Patent Office (EPO). Patent applications can be filed in French. If the patent application is filed in another language, the abstract must be translated into French.

The French language showcases a rich diversity of regional variations. In France, standard European French is predominant. Canadian French, especially in Quebec, retains archaic features and distinct expressions. Acadian, Belgian, and Swiss French each incorporate unique vocabulary and slight grammatical differences, such as alternative terms for numbers. In Africa, French morphs significantly across countries, integrating local languages and English influences. Additionally, in regions like the Caribbean and Indian Ocean, French has evolved into various Creole languages, further demonstrating the adaptability and global reach of the French language.

Before ordering a French translation, determine which country the translation is intended for as there are differences in language usage.

French Dictionaries and Translation Memories

With a body of work of millions of words in English to French and French English translation, we have extensive libraries of French language terminology in many areas. Our use of translation memory software ensures that your work is done at the highest level of quality, consistency and cost effectiveness.

If you are looking for a good online French dictionary and English-French online dictionary, we can recommend Larousse. Reverso is one of the most popular online French language resources. Another excellent online resource for translators is, which provides examples of English-French translations from other websites around the world.

French Medical Translation Services

GTS provides certified French medical translations to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biomedical companies and CROs. This includes:

Technical French Translation Services

GTS provides a wide range of high quality French technical translations for customers worldwide. This includes French technical translation of:

  • Technical Manuals and User Guides.
  • RFP and RFQ documents, tenders and proposal
  • Material handling documents, MSDS
  • Engineering documents, technical drawings
  • Data sheets and web content

French Legal Translation Services

GTS provides a wide range of high quality French legal translations for companies that are doing business internationally. This includes certified and sworn translations for various European countries like France, Belgium and Switzerland. We also translate French documents into English. This includes:

  • Contracts
  • Legal agreements
  • Affidavits
  • Patents
  • Court and litigation documents
  • Divorce decrees

French Business Translation Services

GTS provides a wide range of high quality French business translations for international companies. This includes:

French Website Translation

You can use our free translation tool to translate French language texts. You can use our web page translator for professional web page translation in French.

French Translation Case Studies

Here are some recent French translation projects that we have done:

French Translation Services FAQ

How much do French translation services cost? How are French translation services priced? The cost of French translation is based on a per-word price. The most common language pairs are English-French which costs $0.14 per English word.  And French-English which costs $0.13 per word. Other language pairs like German-French and French-Spanish will cost more.

What is the turnaround time for French translation services? GTS can deliver 5,000 words per day at minimum. For large scale projects that require urgency, we can deliver over 10,000 words per day.

Are online French translation services accurate? If you are asking about online machine translation like DeepL, then the translation may not be entirely accurate. If you order French translation online from GTS, you will receive a highly accurate and certified translation.

Where to get certified French translation services? GTS provides certified French translation services. We provide a signed certificate of accuracy with each translation.

How to translate a website into French? There are a number of ways to translate a website into French. One way is to use the GTS translation plugin for WordPress sites.

What is the standard for professional French translation? There is no standard specific to French translation. But there is a specific standard for translation services called ISO 17100:2015. GTS quality system is certified to that standard.

What are the main regional variations of the French language? European French, Canadian French, Swiss French and Belgian French.

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