Translation and Website Localization Services

GTS provides a wide range of translation localization services for international businesses.  This includes website localization services, software localization and document localization in over 60 languages.

Language localization differs from translation, because it involves a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly adapt the product to local needs. Localization is referred to as L10N (as in: “L”, followed by ten more letters, and then “N”). (Wikipedia)

When you order language localization services from GTS we select the most suitable translators and linguists for your projects, based on the markets you are targeting. We will only use in-country translators for your translation projects, ensuring that we capture the most suitable writing style and most appropriate terminology for your target audience.  At GTS, we believe that translation and localization are one and the same. Your products should appear as if they were made in the country in which they are being sold. When your software interface, product packaging and manuals, marketing brochures and web sites are truly localized, your international sales efforts will be made easier.