Software Localization

Global Translations helps our clients increase revenues by making their software products linguistically and culturally appropriate to the international markets. Our localization engineers use advanced tools and methodology to localize the Graphic User Interface (GUI), documentation and Help files for use in the target country. We work closely with your developers to determine the most efficient way to manage the software localization project. We know that your developers are busy with the core development work and that localization is a time-consuming effort best left to software localization experts (us). That’s why we gear our turnkey service to minimize their involvement and time investment in the localization process.We provide software localization services in the following languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Greek, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch. Click here to see the complete list of languages that we support. All translations are done by native language professionals that have experience in localizing software for use in the target country, and that are current with the correct terminology in use. Stringent QA and testing ensures translation quality and cultural consistency.