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COVID-19 Translation Services

COVID-19 Translation Services
GTS is well equipped to translate corporate communications regarding the COVID-19 virus in all languages

Unfortunately, the world has become plagued with the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly every country in the world is engulfed with this disastrous virus that has changed our lives. Whether it be social distancing, shutdown of businesses, massive unemployment, stock market volatility, mental stress and food shortages-the entire world population is suffering in one way or the other. Not to mention the deaths of thousands of people which have affected nearly every country on the planet. All of mankind is united in the hope that we will be soon rid of this deadly virus.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, customers have turned to GTS for help with their COVID-19 translation services. This includes translation of:

  • Medical screening documents
  • Privacy documents
  • Safety information and announcements
  • Blog posts
  • Venue shutdown notices
  • Cleaning guidelines
  • Public health information
  • COVID-19 clinical research documents
  • Informed consent forms

Customers that have ordered translation of COVID-19 documents include: Honeywell, West Valley Community Services, Weidert Group, US District Court of Hawaii and Bendura Bank.

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