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Divorce Decree Translation Services

If you are reading this page, chances are that you need to get your divorce decree translated for official purposes like immigration or for financial reasons. Getting a divorce is never easy. Yet sadly, many marriages do end in divorce. Should you need to translate your divorce decree, GTS will provide you with an official, certified translation that will be acceptable by all authorities, embassies and government offices.

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divorce decree translation service
Turn to GTS when you need a certified translation of your divorce decree.

GTS translates divorce decrees into over 80 languages, and from any language into English. Together with the translated divorce decree, we will provide you with a signed Statement of Accuracy certificate. Once appended to the translated divorce decree, the translation will be deemed as an officially translated document. We can also sign and stamp each page of the translation if required.

GTS specializes in a wide range of document translation services. All of our translators are certified; many of our legal translators have legal training and some of them are even licensed attorneys. Here are some of the divorce documents that we translate:

  • Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage
  • Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Final decree of divorce

We specialize in legal translation services: we translate all related USA court documents into all European and Asian languages. We also translate documents from any European court into English. This includes documents from courts in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Our company quality policy is certified as compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard; our work process is compliant with this standard which mandates a rigorous review process before final delivery.

Our response times are lightning-fast! Translation price quotes are provided online 24/7 within seconds; just upload your divorce decree to get immediate price quotes. You can order and pay for translation services online, conveniently using your credit card.

Translations are delivered quickly, but without compromising the quality of the work. After you complete your order, you can track the progress of the order 24/7 in your private tracking window.