Hindi Translation Services

Hindi Translation Services

Hindi Translation Services
For excellent quality English Hindi professional translation services, look no further than GTS.

GTS is the best company for English to Hindi human translation. We provide accurate, high quality Hindi translation services using a tested team of native, in-country Hindi translators.  We provide expert Hindi translation services in many areas including technical, medical, legal, software, engineering and financial.

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Hindi Document Translation Services

We have translated hundreds of Hindi documents for our clients. We translate Hindi documents in any file format including PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Adobe InDesign and Framemaker. We specialize in DTP and page layout of Hindi publications in InDesign file format.

Hindi Medical Translation Services

GTS provides certified translation of medical reports in Hindi. We also provide Hindi medical translation services to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biomedical companies and CROs. This includes:

  • Clinical protocols and protocol synopses
  • Informed Consents
  • Clinical trial agreements
  • Instructions for Use for medical devices
  • User manuals for medical software
  • Study drug labels
  • Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • Localization of medical software

Hindi Technical Translation Services

GTS provides a wide range of high quality Hindi technical translation services for customers worldwide. This includes:

  • Hindi technical translation of manuals and User Guides.
  • Hindi technical translation of RFP and RFQ documents, tenders and proposals
  • Hindi technical translation of material handling documents, MSDS
  • Hindi technical translation of engineering documents, technical drawings
  • Hindi technical translation of data sheets and web content

Hindi Legal Translation Services

GTS provides a wide range of high quality English Hindi translation services for companies that are doing business internationally. This includes:

  • Contracts
  • Legal agreements
  • Affidavits
  • Patents
  • Court and litigation documents

Hindi Translation Case Studies

Here are some recent Hindi translation projects that we have done:

Hindi Language Facts

Hindi, one of India’s official languages, boasts a staggering speaker base of over 500 million people globally. This impressive number places it among the top 5 most spoken languages in the world, underlining its vast linguistic influence. Predominantly used in India, Hindi’s reach extends far beyond, marking its presence in various communities worldwide.

The Devanāgarī script, an ancient and revered writing system, is the medium through which Hindi is written. Characterized by its distinctive and elegant script, Devanāgarī has a storied history and is integral to several other South Asian languages as well. This script is renowned for its scientific and logical structure, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.

In the digital realm, Hindi is encoded using the ISCII (Indian Script Code for Information Interchange) coding scheme. This standard is crucial for the representation and processing of various Indian scripts, including Hindi, in electronic devices. It ensures that Hindi maintains its linguistic integrity and accessibility in the rapidly evolving digital world. The ISCII coding scheme plays a pivotal role in the preservation and propagation of Hindi in digital communications, contributing to its continued relevance in the age of technology. Overall, Hindi’s widespread usage, rich literary tradition, and technological adaptation make it a language of significant cultural and linguistic importance.

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