Human Translation Services

Human Translation Services

Human Translation Services
We only deliver human translation services. No machine translation software is used in our process.

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Certified Human Translation

GTS only sells human translation services. No machine translation (like Google Translate) is used in our workflow. So when you order a translation project from GTS, rest assured that you will get a top quality result. We use a stringent quality process which is certified as compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard.

Best Translation Quality Humanly Possible

When ordering professional translation services, keep in mind that translation companies offer various service levels. The highest service level is a professional human translation process, where the entire workflow is handled by professional translators (such as the process we use at GTS). A good professional human translator has excellent knowledge of both the source and target languages. Good human translators are also trained in a specific industry and have a suitable academic background for the task at hand. Translation is not only matching words  between languages: it requires a good understanding of the subject matter so that the translation can be written in an understandable language which is at the appropriate reading level for the target audience.

There are companies that offer a second service level: an integrated software and human translation process. The initial translation is done by software (also referred to as machine translation or MT) and the result is post-edited by professional translators. This type of workflow can yield good quality, however it is usually not as high as a pure human process. An integrated workflow is usually less expensive than a pure human process. Translations can also be delivered faster with this type of workflow.

A lower service quality is a totally automated solution, using machine translation. Companies that offer this kind of service customize an MT engine for the customer’s use. They do this by training a translation server on a very specific subject matter. Custom translation engines can yield much higher quality than untrained translation servers (like Google Translate). The advantage of this process is that it can be cheaper than human translation if the volumes of work are very large (at least several hundred thousand words). But the training process is very complex and needs to be done by experts with training in computational linguistics and computer science. Additionally, the quality of such a solution tends to be much lower than professional human translation.

Note: Using a free  machine translation solution (like Google or Microsoft Translator) is not recommended for any mission critical translation projects. The translation quality of the free applications tends to be inconsistent and often poor. Use of free applications is only recommended for gisting, when you want an idea of what the foreign text is saying.

When you order a translation from GTS, we provide you with professional human translation. We have a tested team of professional human translators in over 100 countries. Many of our translators are certified, and are subject matter experts in various fields like medical, legal, technical and financial.

If your project is of sufficient high volume or if you are facing a very tight deadline, we can offer an integrated human/MT solution which may result in considerable cost savings and fast service. If there are any implications as to translation quality, we will discuss this with you in advance.