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Professional Letter Translation Services

GTS is the best provider of professional letter translation services to all languages. Whether you need to translate a cover letter for an international position or prepare an official letter for the authorities, turn to GTS to get the results you need quickly and cost effectively.

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When should I order professional letter translation services?

If the letter is very important, such as a business proposal or a legal letter, then professional translation is advised. Sometimes a letter can make or break an important business deal or help you land a lucrative job. When this is the case, you don’t want to take chances with free online translation. Translating a letter professionally will usually not cost that much. But submitting a poorly written letter can cost a great deal. Another thing to consider: a professional translator can capture the emotion and nuances that you want to get across. Free machine translation will render a literal translation which may not sound right.

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Turn to GTS when you need to professionally translate an important letter

How do I translate a letter from English to Spanish?

If you need to translate a letter from English to Spanish, you can try Google Translate or another free machine translation application. But if it is an important letter and you need an accurate translation, it is best to pay a professional translation service for the reasons mentioned previously.

Types of Letters that we translate

  • Business letters
  • Cover letters for job applications (attached to your CV)
  • Informational letters and newsletters
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Legal letters (e.g., cease and desist, notification of pending lawsuit)

Letters that have changed history

A letter can contain a powerful message. Indeed, some letters have changed the course of history. One such letter was written on January 13, 1898 by Emil Zola and published in the French newspaper L’Aurore. The letter was titled J’accuse which translates to I accuse. As a result of this letter, the sham trial and subsequent sentencing of Albert Dreyfus to the infamous Devil’s Island was reversed. A further result of this famous letter was a public backlash against Antisemitism. The effects of this letter and the relevance of the Dreyfus affair remain relevant in France to this very day. An English translation of Zola’s letter, which is considered to be a masterpiece, can be found here.