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Insurance Translation Services
GTS specializes in translation services for the insurance industry

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If you work for an international insurance company, you know the importance of accurate translation of insurance documents since lots of money is at stake.

GTS is the preferred vendor for insurance companies worldwide. We have a proven team of in-country translators with expertise in translation of insurance documents, including the kinds of financial and legal documents that many insurance companies are required to translate. We work with some of the largest insurance companies in the world. Clients include MAPRE Asistencia, Travelers Group and Allianz.

If you are trying to work on a claim from an insurance company, we can also help you by translating your documents into any required language. The types of insurance documents we translate include:

  • Warranty documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Compensation procedures
  • Claims manuals
  • User Guides for insurance IT software
  • Contracts and court documents
  • Doctor reports
  • Medical lab reports
  • Accident and police reports

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