Intellectual Property (IP) Translation by industry experts

GTS provides intellectual property translation services using a tested team of qualified patent translators and industry experts. Our clients include companies, law firms and patent attorneys. We have translated thousands of IP documents and can provide references if needed.

Our IP expert translators excel in a wide range of fields including life sciences, chemistry, mechanical engineering, software engineering, energy and pharmaceuticals. Many of our IP translators have advanced degrees in their respective field.

National Filing, prior art searches and litigation

We have in-country translators who are experts in national filing of patents. If you need to translate a foreign language patent into English for prior art search or litigation, we have native English IP translators who can translate from over 60 languages.

Certified and Confidential

When required, we can provide certified translations by sworn translators. Our intellectual property translation services are highly confidential.

If you would like a price quote, either fill out the quote form on this page or send an email with your inquiry to [email protected]. If you have any questions, click the Chat icon on this page to speak with a representative.