Translation of Informed Consent Documents

Informed Consent Translation
GTS specializes in certified translation of Informed Consent Forms in over 50 languages. We have translated hundreds of ICFs.

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GTS specializes in certified translation of Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) for hospitals, medical clinics and for multicenter research trials. We have translated hundreds of informed consent documents into Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese and most other Asian and European languages. We also translate consent forms from any language into English.

Our clients are leading pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, biotech companies and CROs. All consent form translations are done by professional, in-country medical translators.  Our quality system has been certified as compliant both with the ISO 17100:2015 standard.

Prices for ICF translation will vary. Some ICFs are only 3-4 pages while some can be as long as 25 pages. In multicenter studies, there will typically be a Master ICF which will then be used as the basis for several site-specific ICF documents.

When required by the IRB/ethics committee that monitors the clinical trial, we can provide back translation and validation of Informed Consent Forms. All ICF translations are provided with a translation certificate.

Drug companies that conduct clinical testing internationally require that clinical trials conform to the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki. These ethics committees require that the Informed Consent Form (ICF) be in a language that is clearly understood by the people participating in the clinical studies. This includes translation of the ICF to the local language.

Are your documents confidential?

If confidentiality of your documents is a concern, we can sign an NDA before you send us the consent form to be translated.