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Swahili Translation Services

GTS is the best company for English to Swahili human translation. We provide accurate, high quality Swahili translation services using a tested team of native, in-country Swahili translators.  We provide expert Swahili translation services in many areas including technical, medical, legal, software, engineering and financial.

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Swahili Document Translation Services

For excellent quality English Swahili professional translation services, look no further than GTS.

We have translated hundreds of Swahili documents for our clients. We translate Swahili documents in any file format including PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Adobe InDesign and Framemaker. We specialize in DTP and page layout of Swahili publications in InDesign file format.

Swahili Medical Translation Services

GTS provides certified translation of medical reports in Swahili. We also provide Swahili medical translation services to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biomedical companies and CROs. This includes:

  • Clinical protocols and protocol synopses
  • Informed Consents
  • Clinical trial agreements
  • Instructions for Use for medical devices
  • User manuals for medical software
  • Study drug labels
  • Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • Localization of medical software

Swahili Technical Translation Services

GTS provides a wide range of high quality Swahili technical translation services for customers worldwide. This includes:

  • Swahili technical translation of manuals and User Guides.
  • Swahili technical translation of RFP and RFQ documents, tenders and proposals
  • Swahili technical translation of material handling documents, MSDS
  • Swahili technical translation of engineering documents, technical drawings
  • Swahili technical translation of data sheets and web content

Swahili Legal Translation Services

GTS provides a wide range of high quality English Swahili translation services for companies that are doing business internationally. This includes:

  • Contracts
  • Legal agreements
  • Affidavits
  • Patents
  • Court and litigation documents

Swahili Language Facts

Swahili, also known as Kiswahili, is a rich and melodic language which has its roots deeply embedded in the Bantu languages of East Africa. But it’s uniquely embellished with Arabic, Persian, German, Portuguese, English, and French influences, reflecting centuries of trade and colonial history. Predominantly spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and parts of Mozambique and the Congo, it serves as a lingua franca, bridging diverse cultures across the African Great Lakes region and beyond. Officially recognized by the African Union, Swahili not only plays a crucial role in regional communication but also in education, with numerous schools across East Africa teaching in Swahili. Its adoption in literature, music, and media underscores its vitality and dynamic nature, making it a language that not only connects millions of people but also carries the essence of African heritage and modernity.

It is estimated that over 100 million people speak Swahili to some extent. This includes both native speakers and those who use it as a second language. In Tanzania and Kenya, Swahili is an official language alongside English, and it is also recognized as a lingua franca in several other African countries. Additionally, Swahili is one of the African Union’s official languages. The widespread use of Swahili across different countries and its adoption in educational and administrative domains contribute to its significant number of speakers.