Translation Proofreading, Review and Editing

Translation Proofreading, Review and Editing

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As a certified translation company, GTS performs stringent proofreading of all translations before we deliver material to our clients. Our quality system is compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard. As per this standard, our production process requires the translation to be done by a professional translator and then reviewed by a separate professional reviewer.

The assigned reviewer performs full proofreading of the translation, making markups and comments as relevant. Review is done sentence-by-sentence, both comparing the target with the source and also reading on its own to make sure of no language or grammar errors. The remarks that the reviewer include the following:

  • Mistakes in terminology
  • Mistranslations
  • Skipped words/segments

Proofreading Services

GTS can provide proofreading services of translations that were done by an external translator or translation company for quality control purposes. Unfortunately, some translations are delivered which are of questionable quality and the customer wants a second opinion. Or a separate review may be required for regulatory compliance. In any event, if you would like a price quote for proofreading and review services, please give us a call.

Please note that we will not proofread text generated by machine translation software such as Google Translate. In recent years, some clients have gotten the idea that they can save money by running text through Google Translate and then having a professional translation company edit the work. Our experience has taught us that these requests are to be avoided, since it may take more time to achieve high quality through editing machine translation than translating from scratch.

Graphic Editing of Translated Documents

For documents that require DTP and page layout, such as marketing brochures prepared in InDesign software, we will carefully review the proof PDF file prior to delivery. This will avoid errors in text placement, truncated text and similar issues. Technical documents such as manuals will be reviewed to ensure that the page layout, page breaks, translation of graphics, cross reference numbering is all correct and without any errors.

Online Linguistic Review

When translating web content, we perform online linguistic review after the website is posted to check that the text is displayed correctly. We also provide linguistic review of software resource files after they have been localized, to prevent display errors in the User Interface.