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GTS provides a wide range of Austrian German translation services for customers in Austria and to companies and individuals that are doing business in Austria. We draw on a network of over 100 translators based in Austria. Our dedication to precision in translation, our uncompromising quality process and our user-friendly online order processing system make GTS the translation company of choice for our Austrian clients. Our Austrian clients know that they can count on GTS to deliver professional German English translation services on time and at reasonable prices.

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The written German used in Austria and the written German used in Germany are mostly identical, with a few differences which stem from cultural and historical reasons. For example, many foods and culinary dishes are called by difference names in Austria. People may greet each other differently in Austria. And there are a few differences in grammar usage. The Austrian government maintains an official dictionary of the German language in the Republic of Austria which is called the Österreichisches Wörterbuch (the Austrian Dictionary). When there is a conflict between Austrian German and the German used in Germany, the official dictionary overrules and sets the correct usage in Austria.

We translate many types of materials in Austrian German. This includes translation of websites and web content; legal documents, contracts and patents; SDS; technical manuals, financial and business documents, medical translation services for clinical studies, new drug applications, CRF, Informed Consent, medical device manuals and IFUs. We specialize in Austrian German to English translation services and we translate all types of documents from Austrian German to English. We also provide English to German translation services for use in Germany.

What makes Austrian German Special?

German, as spoken in Austria (often referred to as “Austrian German”) and Germany, is the same language but has regional differences similar to the variations of English spoken in different parts of the English-speaking world. Here are some key differences between Austrian German and Germany German:

  1. Vocabulary: Austrian German and Germany German have different vocabularies for certain words. For example, in Germany, a potato is referred to as “Kartoffel,” while in Austria it is often called “Erdapfel.” Another example would be “Januar” (January in Germany) vs “Jänner” (January in Austria).
  2. Pronunciation: There can be distinct differences in pronunciation between the two regions. This is similar to the differences in accent and pronunciation between, say, British English and American English.
  3. Formality and Politeness: Austrian German is typically seen as more formal than Germany German. The use of formal “Sie” (you) instead of the informal “du” can be more common, especially in business settings.
  4. Grammar: There are minor grammatical differences between the two variants of German. For example, in Germany, the past tense is often constructed with “haben” (to have) while in Austria “sein” (to be) is more commonly used.
  5. Names of meals: Names of meals can differ between the two variants. For instance, in Germany, lunch is “Mittagessen” and dinner is “Abendessen”. In Austria, however, lunch is “Mittagessen” or “Mittag”, and dinner is called “Abendessen” or “Abendbrot”.
  6. Influence from Other Languages: Austrian German has been influenced by other languages such as Hungarian, Czech, and Slovenian due to Austria’s geographical position and history, and thus includes vocabulary and phrases not used in Germany.