Technical Manual Translation

Technical Manual Translation

We translate manuals into over 60 languages. Get a price quote and find out how GTS can get you the best value for your technical manual translation project. We work with some of the biggest companies in the world. We have translated manuals for Hitachi, Huawei, SAP, Siemens, Sunoco, Tesla, Xerox and other leading companies. We translate manuals and technical documents of all types. This includes translation of medical device manuals, installation manuals for computer and electronics hardware, operation manuals and User Guides for software products, training manuals and service manuals.

Technical Drawings

When we translate a technical manual, we also translate the drawings. Our graphics department extracts the text from the drawing and prepares a new version of the drawing in the translated languages. We translate thousands of technical drawings a year in all file formats. This includes CAD drawings, exploded views and Bills of Materials (BOM).

We support all file types

Many technical manuals are written in MS Word. But we also support other file formats such as Adobe Framemaker, Illustrator and just about any other document file format. If you only have a PDF file, we can convert the technical manual to MS Word format in the same page layout as the original.

Technical Terminology

A key to a good technical manual translation is the consistent use of correct terminology. At the start of a translation project, we will create a glossary with the unique industry-specific technical terms used in your project. Terminology translation into each language will be determined at the onset of the project to promote consistency and accuracy.

Use of Translation Memories

All of our technical manual translation projects are delivered with a translation memory (click here to read more about TMs on Wikipedia). The use of translation memories yields a better translation and leads to high consistency in use of language and terminology. It also saves lots of money in the long run. With a properly maintained TM, technical manuals can be updated at lower costs since only the new and revised text needs to be translated.