Translator Agreement

Translator Agreement


Localization Technologies (LT) LLC is a Florida USA corporation which was founded in 2001 to provide professional translation and localization services to clients worldwide. Other registered company trade names are Global Translations and GTS Translation (hereinafter referred to as “GTS”).

In the course of its regular business, GTS hires professional freelance translators to provide it with translation services.

Translator Statement

Freelance translators hired by GTS for translation assignments commit to perform their assignment as accurately as possible, to review the work carefully prior to submission and to the extent possible try and provide an error-free translation. The translator declares that all the information provided to GTS during the hiring process, be it written on a CV, website or online directory, be truthful and accurate. The translator agrees to try to the extent possible to meet pre-agreed deadlines and to avoid delays in delivery.

The translator commits to only use licensed software products and not to use stolen or unlicensed software.

Confidentiality Agreement

By agreeing to this Translator Agreement, you agree to accept the terms of our confidentiality agreement (NDA). Our NDA requires, inter alia, that you do not reproduce or otherwise distribute customer content. You agree to treat all customer translation texts in confidence; any use of customer information, or mention or discussion of customer content outside of direct communication with GTS employees is strictly prohibited. Should you receive translation memories (TM) from GTS during the course of an assignment, you will keep that data confidential. You commit not to use such TMs, or new TMs which were created on translation assignments, for the purpose of translation assignments with other companies. You agree to delete all texts and/or TMs related with translation jobs received from GTS within 30 days of completion of a project.

Conflict of Interest

The Translator hereby represents and warrants that by entering into this Agreement and performing obligations hereunder (a) it does not breach any other agreements to which the Translator is a party to or is bound by. The Translator hereby represents and warrants that the Translator is not subject to any non-compete covenants or similar covenants that would affect the performance of (i) its obligations under this Agreement and (ii) Services.


In general, GTS provides translation services from its clients and subcontracts some of this work to freelance translators. Should you be hired for translation assignments at GTS, you may learn the identity of some GTS clients and their employees. You agree to not knowingly solicit work from any GTS clients or contacts to whom you are exposed to during your assignments with GTS. You also agree to not accept translation assignments directly such clients or contacts, and to refer such inquiries to an authorized GTS employee.


You will receive a Purchase Order (PO) prior to each work assignment. In the absence of a PO, the per-word rate that you received on your last assignment will apply.

TM Matches

Unless other stated, the following discount will be provided for TM matches:

  • 100%, context matches and repetitions: 30% of the new word rate
  • 95-99%: 50% of new word rate
  • 75-94%: 70% of new word rate
  • 50-74%: no discount

Payment terms

Payments will be made net+30 days from delivery. On payments under $500, and at the discretion of GTS, payment can be made by Paypal. Payments over $500 will be paid by wire transfer. On wire transfer payments, the net amount will be wired and all fees on the wiring end are paid by GTS. GTS will not be responsible for fees taken by the receiving bank.

Intellectual Property Rights

GTS shall retain proprietary rights in and to any client works, including in and to any derivative works thereof (namely any corresponding translation work). By performing the services, the translator does not gain proprietary rights in and to any resulting translation work.

Ownership of Translation Memories

All translation memories (TM) created or updated during the course of assignments for GTS are the property of GTS. The translator will hand over upon request all TMs created during the course of an assignment. The translator will create a new TM for each new assignment, unless an existing TM is made available by GTS at the start of the project. Translators may not use any TM which is not a GTS-owned TM while working on GTS assignments. The translator will not use a GTS-owned TM on translation assignments which are for GTS. The translator may not use GTS-owned TMs for training machine translation systems or similar software products.

Indemnification and limitation of liability

In no event will either party be liable to the other for any special, incidental or consequential damages, whether based on breach of contract, tort (including negligence), product liability, or otherwise, and whether or not it has been advised of the possibility of such damage. except for your indemnification obligations under section ‎6.2 above, each party’s total liability to the other for any claim under this agreement will be limited to the amounts actually paid by you to GTS in connection with the order giving rise to such claim.

Legal Jurisdiction

This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, with exclusive jurisdiction to the applicable federal or state courts of Miami, FL.

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