Review Guidelines
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Translation Review Guidelines

GTS is committed to providing high quality translation services in accordance with the ISO 17100-2015 standard. The cornerstone of the standard is based on the four-eye principle, where every translation is reviewed by a professional linguist who is other than the translator.

The purpose of the review process is to ensure high quality translation in compliance with the ISO 17100:2015 standard

The reviewer shall examine the target language content against the source language content for any errors and other issues. This said comparison of the source and target language content shall include the review of the target content for possible semantic, grammatical and spelling issues, and for omissions and other errors, as well as ensuring compliance with any relevant translation project specifications.

The guidelines for the review process should include verification of the following:

  1. Compliance with specific domain and client terminology and/or any other reference material provided and ensuring terminological consistency during translation;
  2. Semantic accuracy of the target language content;
  3. Use of appropriate syntax, spelling, punctuation, diacritical marks, and other orthographical conventions of the target language;
  4. Lexical cohesion and phraseology;
  5. Compliance with any proprietary and/or client style guide including domain, language register, and language variants;
  6. Locale and any applicable standards;
  7. Formatting;
  8. Target audience and purpose of the target language content.

The translator shall raise any uncertainty as a query with the project manager. At the end of the process, the reviewer shall submit to the project manager a marked up copy of the translation. If there are no comments or revisions, the reviewer shall approve the translation as ready for delivery.