Medical Report Translation Services

Do you need to translate a medical report for a clinical study, an insurance claim, for a second-opinion or to transfer a patient to another medical facility? Click here to get an instant price quote for translation of medical reports. We provide expert translation of medical reports from hospitals, medical clinics and physicians. We also provide translation of medical lab results such as MRI scans and blood tests. We provide medical report translation services in all languages and from any language into English.

Medical Report Translation Services
We provide certified translation of any medical report into English and over 70 other languages

One of the challenges in translating medical reports is the style of language. Often written by Medical Doctors who are pressed for time (and usually tired as well), the language can be laconic at best and is often times difficult to understand. Our translators have the necessary background and are experienced at understanding the medical lingo in these reports. Some of our translators are licensed Medical Doctors in specialized fields of medicine.

Most medical reports are available in non-editable PDF file format which is of poor quality, since the documents have been scanned and transmitted electronically. Our team will convert the PDF into editable file format (usually MS Word), and retain the page layout of the original document.

If you need a translation certificate for official purposes, we can provide you with a certified translation. Working on a deadline? We’ll get you the medical report translations that you need on time, even if it means working around the clock.  We translate medical reports in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic and in over 70 other languages.

Please note that we do not translate handwritten texts, so please do not submit price quotes for medical reports that contain handwritten texts.