Hebrew Translation Services Useful Online Resources

Hebrew Translation Services – Useful Online Resources

Here are some good online resources that can help you in Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew translation services projects:

Morfix. This is an excellent English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English dictionary. You either type or paste in the words to translate and the result is displayed immediately. If the terms are not in the dictionary, Morfix provides a machine translation. You may see some annoying popups from time-to-time, but it is a free resource so you can’t blame them for trying to monetize the site.

קיצורים וראשי תיבות בעברית. This is an online dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms, including some of the trickier military abbreviations. This a fairly comprehensive resource and you will find most abbreviations here.

Israel Translators Association. Israel does not have a system of accreditation for professional translators. However, most professional Hebrew translators are members of the ITA. If you need a professional Hebrew translation, you can find translators and contact them directly through the ITA website.

Israel Bar Association. If you need an official translation for legal purposes, you can find licensed Notary Lawyers on the Israel Bar Association website; the fees for notarization of translations can also be found on the website.

Google Translate and Microsoft Translator. These are very good resources for both dictionary lookup and translation of entire sentences.