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Professional Interpretation Services

GTS Translation does not offer professional language interpretation services. We provide high quality document translation services in over 60 languages. Click here to get an instant price quote for professional document translation on our website.

Interpretation Services

There are various types of interpretation services:

Simultaneous interpretation– this is done e.g. in the United Nations when the interpreter translates a speech in real-time, thus making the speaker understandable to a person who does not speak the language.

Consecutive interpretation-this is done in settings such as business meeting where one people speaks and a linguist interprets the spoken content to another party in their own language.

Over the phone interpreting-this is essentially consecutive interpretation, just that it is done over the phone on a 3-say conference call. This type of interpreting is done in medical setting when patients and/or Doctors and/or family members speak in different languages.

Here are some companies that provide interpretation services. Please note that GTS Translation is in no way affiliated with these companies and takes no responsibility for any work that is the result of their service: