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GTS Translation FAQ


Here are some questions which are frequently asked by our customers.  If you have a question and can’t find the answer here, please send an email with your question to

GTS Translation FAQ

Can you also tell me a little about how you translate/edit projects? What is your quality process?

Our translation process is compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard and all work is reviewed prior to delivery. All translators and reviewers are native, in-country professional translators.

Are your translations done by humans or machines?

GTS uses an entirely human translation process. All translations are done by native, professional, subject-matter expert translators. We do not use machine translation (like Google Translate) in our process.

I have several documents which need to be translated into German and French. I was wondering if I could send some of the draft copies to get quoted at this time. Please let me know what is required for your quoting purposes.

You can get instant translation price quotes online on our website. Just select the languages and upload the files to get a price quote in seconds. You can complete your order after the quote is displayed by clicking Checkout. You can use the quote form to price out the various documents in the various languages.

I want to get an online quote for translation services but I am hesitant to upload sensitive documents on your website. How do you address the issue of confidentiality?

When you upload documents for a price quote, your information will not be seen by anyone. The instant price quote that you receive is generated by software. Your documents will only seen by GTS employees once you complete the order. If you need us to sign a confidentiality agreement before you upload documents for quote, please contact us at

We have two identical medical informed consent forms to be translated from English to Spanish. The differences between the identical informed consents are the protocol ID #. Everything is the same except the ID #s. Do you have a special discount for translation since it’s almost identical?

Yes, we provide discounts for repetitive texts. Please send the documents by email to We will analyze the files to determine the extent of the repeat texts and offer a discount accordingly.

Can we get a certified certificate of translation?

Yes, we provide translation certificates free of charge. If you need a translation certificate, please send a request by email stating your order number. We will deliver the certificate together with the translation.

I requested a quote to have a booklet translated from English to Portuguese. I see the two available payment options online are credit card or paypal, but I can’t use these options at the university. I was wondering if I could pay using a check.

We accept Purchase Orders if you pass a credit review and if your budget is over $5,000. If you would like to order a translation project against a PO, please contact us at

If I send a PDF file, could it be possible to receive the document in a Word file? Also, is there a way to keep the layout of the booklet or is this not possible?

If you order a translation of a PDF file, we will convert the PDF file to MS Word format using one of several OCR tools at our disposal. The result of the conversion vary depending on the quality of the PDF file. Im many cases the original page layout is retained to a very high degree of accuracy. In some cases (e.g., scanned documents or pages with multiple columns), it will be difficult to exactly retain the original page layout and we will provide our best rendition of the page layout. For hi-res publications, you may need to import the translation into the DTP application to get a perfect result.

Is it possible to send InDesign files to you to add the translation directly in the Doc?

Yes. After you create your order, please send the INDD files to us and state your project number. We will provide you with translated INDD files and print-ready PDF files.

Do you translate handwritten texts?

No we do not. If your file has handwriten text then please do not order from us and find another translation agency.

I received a quote for a translation. I was wondering if the quote is in Canadian or American funds.

Presently, all quotes are in US Dollars.

I received an online quote and I want to order. Are there any additional fees or taxes?

No, there are no additional fees or hidden costs and you won’t pay any more than the quoted price for the translation.

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max hasson
max hasson
18:10 10 Dec 16
Rapid quote and quick turn around. Fully satisfied with the results.
Gina Davis
Gina Davis
19:28 10 Aug 16
Loved the service and turnaround time with this company. They quickly got to know our needs (specifically for a back translation and validated translation for a research project with two languages), and though we inundated them with several additional requests through the project, all was handled professionally and with ease. Highly recommend.
John-Paul McMahon
John-Paul McMahon
15:01 17 Nov 16
A fantastic service and great staff. I am very pleased. They were the best translators that I have worked with.
Mark McKinnon
Mark McKinnon
18:44 07 Dec 16
Quick, efficient translation service who took my requirements and context into account. Would recommend.
Carlos Maza
Carlos Maza
11:35 23 Oct 16
Great customer service and fulfillment of agreed timelines. Very personal service. Would highly recommend them!
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